Submitting your events to

Here's a reminder of how to submit details of your special events to our tourism website

1.      log on to

2.      Click "What's on"

3.      Scroll to the bottom of the page & click on "Add An Event"

4.      The County Council screen will appear

5.      Type in event name, description etc in the boxes

6.      Select category or categories from list

7.      Enter a place from the drop down menu

8.      Add the date & time of the event

9.      If you have an image Jpeg or gif tick the box it will ask you to add the picture when you are submitting the event

10.    Add your contact details

11.    Submit the event

The event will not be shown on the events list until it has been validated, which may be the next day from when you submit the event. If you have any problems submitting the event, please contact Rosemary Roach: 01437 775485 or

ID: 602 Revised: 8/6/2010

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