Consider Marine Wildlife whilst exploring the Pembrokeshire Coast

The Pembrokeshire Marine Code has recently been re-launched in readiness for the summer season. Produced by a working partnership of local tour operators, conservationists and coastal experts, the Code is aimed at informing marine leisure users on how to minimise disturbance to wildlife whilst exploring the beautiful Pembrokeshire coastline.

As increasing numbers of people explore the coast in craft of all sizes, the Marine Code details an agreed code of conduct and highlights the international importance of the wildlife that inhabits areas such as Skomer and Ramsey islands. It also outlines areas to be avoided at certain times of the year to allow seals, seabirds and cetaceans the space and peace they need to live, feed and rear their young.

Over 10,000 leaflets have been distributed countywide, and a smaller number of waterproof leaflets are available for marine leisure users in smaller craft such as kayaks.

Marine Code Officer Tom Luddington commented; ‘As well as keeping the Code of Conduct up-to-date, the Pembrokeshire Marine Code Group organise training events for marine leisure users and wildlife tour boat operators to raise awareness about the marine wildlife of Pembrokeshire and how best to minimise disturbance when out enjoying the marine environment.'

For details of the training events and for more information on the Pembrokeshire Marine Code group, contact Tom Luddington on 01646 696134 or visit

ID: 608 Revised: 21/6/2010

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