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Why not help to reduce congestion, pollution, stress and parking problems - and at the same time save money?!!

Just click onto www.swwitch2share.com and register your journey. It's as simple as that!

The more employees that register the greater the chance is of finding a match.  You could find that you can share your journey with someone living close to you.  You won't know until you register, then you choose!

Some Myths about Car Sharing
-  If I register and find a partner I'll have to car share every day!
No you won't you can car share for one off meetings or just a couple of days a week

-  I could find myself car sharing with someone I don't like!
That is the beauty of the scheme; it's set up so you meet first and decide if you want to share with that person

-  If I start car sharing I can't stop!
You can stop car sharing at any time, it's flexible and up to you

-  I am a welsh speaker and won't be able to register in my first language!
Switch 2 Share is a bilingual car share site (the first in Wales), so you can register in both English and Welsh

For further information visit: www.swwitch.org.uk or telephone the SWWITCH office on (01792) 637644/5. 




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