Building Regulations advice for accommodation

Conversion or change of use of buildings to rental sleeping accommodation, which can include bed and breakfast, guest house or hotel accommodation, is considered to be a change of use and is "building work" as defined in the Building Regulations, requiring the submission of a Building Regulations application.

The owner will be required to prove that the converted building will be safe and must ensure, amongst other needs that persons are able to escape safely in the event of a fire.

The receipt of an application and details of the proposal will enable the Building Control section to also consult with the Fire Service, so as to obtain their opinion on the fire safety and means of escape provision for the building.

There will be health and safety, fire safety and other legal responsibilities associated with the owners letting rooms to others.

Certification will be required to be obtained, in order to meet the responsibilities that come with obtaining financial gain from an accommodation letting business.

This will include obtaining Building Regulations approval and a Completion Certificate for the work, so as to prove that the work complies with fire and life safety needs. The absence of this consent may negate any insurance cover.

Due to the above it is advisable to contact the Building Control section of Pembrokeshire County Council to discuss your project and to obtain confirmation whether a Building Regulations application is required to be submitted for the proposed work.

To obtain advice in relation to the above please contact Building Control on 01437 775601 or 01437 775558 or

The proposal may also need Planning Consent and you should contact Pembrokeshire County Council Development management section on 01437 775361 or, or the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority for development in the National Park on 0845 345 7275 or with any queries and to obtain advice.

ID: 694 Revised: 30/3/2011

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